Installing Starship 🚀

23/03/2024 Tool 1 min read
Table Of Contents


  • Terminal of your choice
  • Nerd Font - Any font with the Nerd Font patch to display icons in the terminal
  • Git Bash - I am using git bash primarily, you can use any other.


Install Starship using any package manager available on your machine. Detailed installation guides for various platforms are available on the official website.

Download using Package Manager

Terminal window
winget install -e --id Microsoft.WindowsTerminal
Terminal window
curl -sS | sh
Terminal window
curl -sS | sh


Once installed, integrate Starship into your shell startup process:

  1. Open your ~/.bashrc file (or equivalent for your shell).
  2. Add the following line to the end of the file:
    # ~/.bashrc
    eval "$(starship init bash)"
  3. Save the file and either restart your terminal or source the ~/.bashrc for the changes to take effect.